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What defines my design process and how do I go about solving the problem?

My work steps can be roughly divided into four categories.

At the beginning of every design process, I ask myself: What problem needs to be solved? Connected with this is the focus on the wishes and habits of future and existing users. To identify the problem comprehensively, I often start with internet and literature research. To link my own thoughts with the topic, I brainstorm alone or with colleagues what we associate with the topic. I often depict moods and materials as mood boards. I collect and evaluate existing solutions that try to solve the same problem. Interviews and surveys with users are also an important part of my first process point.

Sarah Müller Design Recherche
Image by Russ Ward
Image by Daria Nepriakhina 🇺🇦

In the search for design, sketches are usually made first by hand and then digitally. In doing so, I don't pay direct attention to the meaning, but let my ideas run free and apply design methods I'm familiar with. After this step, I repeatedly exchange ideas with users and take this feedback into account for the next sketches until I decide on a design, follow it up and elaborate it. Then I connect this first rough idea with the features and functions the product must have and focus on reducing the form to the essentials.

Design Sketches Sarah Müller Design
Design Sketches Sarah Müller Design (2)
Design Sketches Sarah Müller Design (3)


With a fixed design idea, the first models are created using Rhino 3D, Fusion 360 or SketchUp. The materialities are mostly determined via Keyshot. Along the way, small 3D models are created from wood, clay or other suitable materials to get a haptic feeling for form and dimension.

Rendering Bi:baik Sarah Müller Design
Rendering Fola Sarah Müller Design
Clay Modelle Sarah Müller Design

Every successful product needs a presentation that shows the coherences and intensions of the concept well. Mostly I use Indesign in PDF format. However, if animations are important to explain the background of the product, I like to use Power Point or other programs like Visme. Here I focus on clear, structured slides with little font, which do not overwhelm the viewer. I like to work with application videos to show the usability of the product and to offer the product a new form of presentation.

Sarah Müller Design Präsentation
Sarah Müller Design Prozessbegleitung
Sarah Müller Design Präsentation Video Bi:baik
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