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Schriftzug Detail Fotografie Sarah Müller Design

product photography

- 2019 -

Living in small apartments affects more and more people. “Compact life” can therefore be a solution to the lack of space. In the CAD (German: computer-aided design) subject, we were allowed to choose a topic - the only condition was that our product should have three different functions. My result: A piece of furniture that even has five functions. It can serve as a chair, shelf, staircase, dining table and a small side table.

The integrated, invisible hinges make clever folding possible without having to pay attention to protruding materials.

Subject: CAD

Stimmungsbild, Produktfotografie, Sarah Müller Design
Sachaufnahme Uhr, Sarah Müller Design
Schriftzug Detail Uhr, Sarah Müller Design
Perspektive, Logo scharf, Produktfotografie
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