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Moodboards Sarah Müller Design

flying object

- 2019 -

This particular flying object is intended to be a repository for a small camera that will ascend into space and document its journey. In order to arrive at the external design concept, I looked for an ergonomic example from nature. I settled on the rough form and dynamics of a dandelion. I managed to find the form with the help of sketches, mood boards and the first small models. In the end there was an aerodynamic shape, characterized by a screen whose elements can adapt to the current situation. Thus, the air flow can be ideally used.

Subject: Prototyping

Skizzen, Flugobjekt, Sarah Müller Design
Image by Hasan Almasi
Skizzen, Variationen Flugobjekt, Sarah Müller Design
Rendering, Flugobjekt, Sarah Müller Design
Rendering, Flugobjekte, Flügelvariation, Sarah Müller Design
Skizze, Schnitt, Maßstab 1:4
Collage, Anwendungsbeispiel, Flugobjekt
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